About Traindemy

Traindemy (Training Academy) is an online learning platform where people can acquire vocational skills and talent coaching such that they become equipped to be entrepreneurs or more resourceful professionals at their workplace.

We cover a wide range of vocational courses and trainers are selected from the best in their respective fields. Courses include: Tailoring/Fashion Design, Food Catering, Makeup Artistry, Interior Design, Poultry Management, Welding, Woodwork/Carpentry, Sculpture, Painting, Voice training, music production, Fitness training and more.

Western Education access was a challenge to the majority of Africans in the 1960s-70s. While it has become more accessible now, the new challenge is unemployment.

Presently, individuals with vocational skills and abilities now have the edge in the economy. With this knowledge, access to vocational skills, technical training and talent coaching becomes the new challenge.

Traindemy is here to conquer that challenge by bridging the gap between, Masters and Apprentice, Coaches and students, Mentors and proteges. With Traindemy, people can acquire any useful practical skill irrespective of distance from trainer. All steps, process and procedures are made available as soon as they’re enrolled online.

Traditionally, experts and masters in respective fields have taught apprentices but just a few, this favored few are normally within same street, estate or same city at most. In addition, the best in the industry are concentrated in a region. Consequently talented and interested students are denied opportunity to learn under such experienced experts masters.

Traindemy is giving today’s experts and professionals a way to immortalize their abilities and Legacies. while also giving them a venue to mentor, guide, share stories, insights, and advice.

Traindemy! Now you can.